Female Porn Fan Writes Descriptions

Do porn descriptions change if they are written by male or female? I would think that there are some differences in the way they both look at porn.

I have found a female porn reviewer who writes her own porn descriptions. She looks at the video and then writes her own descriptions about what happen in the video. Whether they are truely porn reviews is a matter of opinion, but at least you get a different perspective on the video.

Check out her site >> Female Porn Reviews.

Her porn reviews are written in English and updated on a daily basis. Judge for yourself as to whether her descriptions are any different than the usual.

FitnessRooms.com Coming Soon to SexyHub

fitnessrooms 01@lewruseful has just posted some great new photos from behind the scenes at porn shots for ReallyUseful’s latest porn site FITNESSROOM.COM. This site will feature hot models getting sweaty in there gym gear as they workout. But of course there will be some hot steamy sex involved too!

So if you enjoy going to the gym just to look at women in tight lycra getting sweaty during their workouts, then FitnessRooms.com will be just the web site you will want to join right now.

fitnessrooms 02I have been watching this site develop and I’m really excited about it’s launch and I’m sure it will be an great success. In today’s fitness obsessed society, I think there will be plenty of interest in how these sexy workout video look.

It won’t just be workout sex videos, I’m sure there will be some yoga class porn involved too. Women look very sexy on those tight white yoga pants.

So watch this space for more news about the launch of FitnessRooms.com

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Female Porn Review – ZZ Medical Center

ZZ Medical CenterSEE THE FULL VIDEO >>>

The ZZ Medical Centre, a place where a patient named Parker Swayze gets some special treatment and personal attention that she’s been craving from Dr. Bruce Venture.

He not only manages to soothe her neck and fix her back, but gives her pussy and her crack his special expert opinion too! The ZZ Medical Centre, is where all the sexy young ladies go to see a Dr as they all want a personal taste of Dr. Venture’s medicine. That would be cum all over their face and ass that is!

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Female Porn Review – The Ex Best Thing

The Ex Best ThingSEE THE FULL VIDEO >>>

Jillian knows she can booty call her ex Jessy whenever she wants and that seems to be all the time. He’s such a big dork, but she can’t seem to go long without his dick it’s so big!

But Jessy is trying to get over his dirty little ex and move on with his life. It gets really hard when she wants to come over all the time and he’s so easy that all she has to do is shake that big tight ass in his face.

He’s determined this time to turn her away. But this means that Jillian has to give him what he always wanted, her tight little ass needs to be all his for a ripe hard fucking.

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Whore’ible Bosses Brazzers Office Sex Videos

Brazzers have put together a compilation porn ad to promote all there great porn videos that are set in an office. The main premise of these videos are showing female bosses taking control over their male colleagues.

These videos are showing the sexy female boss being dominant over their male office guys who love to see their boss in low cut shirts so they can see as much cleavage as possible. These sexy bosses know just how to use their sexual power. No man is able to resit fucking the boss over her desk.

Most of these women in charge has big tits, lots of cleavage and sexy asses. They are put to good use to get what they want from their male work force.

Most of these videos from this Brazzers porn ad are taken from the popular Big Tits at Work porn brand. So if you want to fuck the boss from behind as she bend over her desk, then you need to submit for fucking C.V.!

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Penis Games RealityKings Video Starring Nekane and Marc Rose

Marc got home from a long day of work to find Nekane stuck on some video game. She didnt even look up when he entered the room. Marc just started to feel her up and grab her juicy tits while she kept up with her game. Soon he was pulling down her pants and sticking his tongue down her ass crack, which got her attention just a little. Marc could not take it anymore and just got up, pulled out his hard cock and jammed it right into her mouth.

She started sucking but still did not put her controller down. It wasn’t til Marc plunged his dick in her that she finally got up to get a proper fucking. You have watch this beauty get fucked every which way with her sexy curvy body. Do not miss Marc blowing massive amounts of man juice from his joystick all over her while she picked up the game again. So fucking hot!

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Daisy Chainz – Pervs On Patrol

Amateur redhead’s wet pussy gets plowed.
It’s the end of her first semester at college and Daisy Chainz is in the mood to cut loose with some naked masturbation by the pool. Her solo playtime is cut short when her brother’s friend-turned-voyeur shows up to face-fuck this freckled blonde.

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Femal Porn Review – Rub and Fuck Thy Neighbor

Rub and Fuck Thy NeighborSEE THE FULL VIDEO >>>

Keiran has always come across as a quiet harmless guy, but hot and extremely sexy. So when Sheridan hurts her back in the garden she decides to let Kieran help her and give her a friendly but oily massage and rubdown.

Sheridan has an all natural body and it looks so good being rubbed up in oil. It doesn’t take long before Keiran shows his true colours and drops. the nice guy act. He knows he needs to give his neighbour the fucking of her lifetime!

Sheridan is more than happy to allow Kieran to prove himself and shows him just what being good neighbours is all about

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Female Porn Review – Let’s Welcome The New Student

Let's Welcome The New StudentSEE THE FULL VIDEO >>>

Ella and Zoe are expecting anew student to join their their class! It just so happens that the new student is a guy!

The girls teacher Shona is very excited too, she has had the girls practice all of their oral skills kissing and licking to make sure the new arrival feels welcomed to his new class.

Jordi’s first day at ZZ University is going to go down in history! Everyone wishes that they had this kind of reception and wonderful welcome at the start of university. Three women, a cane,school uniform, knee highs and beautiful babes with enormous tits and amazingly tight pussies. What more could he want?

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Female Porn Review – You Can’t Spell Horny Without ‘HR’

You Can't Spell Horny Without 'HR'SEE THE FULL VIDEO >>>

When Jezabels employees break the rules, she takes no prisoners and plays no games. When she can see that Charles gets visibly hard through his tight pants just at the sight of her big tits and tight ass.

Jezabel makes sure no one can see what shes about to do and certainly no one else gets to witness it. Like a good HR employee she makes sure to suck and ride his hard dick until he shoots a nice load all over her big tits.

She pulls his tie and takes him in the office, he takes her over the desk, and she rides him hard on the chair, no surface is left untouched. Just the way she likes her employees, large cocks and willing to please.

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RealityKings Lock Out Starring Kandace Kayne

Kandace Kayne was waiting for her boyfriend to get home. She got dressed up in sexy lingerie with sexy stockings. She put on a trench coat and went outside and she realized she forgot her keys. She locked herself out of the house again and had to call for help. The locksmith came and helped her with the lock to the front door. As he was working on unlocking it, her boyfriend called and told her he had to cancel.

She decided to fuck the locksmith. She teased him by showing off her hot body underneath the coat. Once he opened the door, she pulled him inside. She sucked and fucked his cock. She rode that dick as her juicy ass and tits bounced around. She got her pussy drilled and got that man juice all over her sweet pussy. Suddenly, her boyfriend came home and caught her with cum all over her.

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ZZ Medical Center Bruce Venture & Parker Swayze

Hot wild sex with a patient. Dr Bruce Venture cannot hide behind his medical credentials when Parker Swayze comes into his doctors clinic. She is looking for a doctor who has sex with his patients and doesn’t care about the consequences.

At ZZ Medical Center, patient Parker Swayze gets the special treatment she’s been craving when Dr. Bruce Venture not only soothes her neck and back, but her pussy and her crack too! At ZZ Medical Center, all the sexy ladies want a taste of Dr. Venture’s medicine—his cum all over their face that is!

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The Ex Best Thing Jessy Jones & Jillian Janson

Anal sex video with hot porn star Jillian Janson. She calls her ex boyfriend Jessy Jones on a booty call. A booty call is precisely what she gets. He arse gets fucked by his long cock.

Jillian booty calls her ex Jessy all the time. He’s a bit of a dork, but his dick is so big! Jessy however is trying to get over his lustful ex and move on. It gets awfully hard when she comes over and shakes that big booty in his face, but he’s determined to turn her away. Guess Jillian has to give him what he always wanted: Anal!

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Rub and Fuck Thy Neighbor Keiran Lee & Sheridan Love

I’m really glad to welcome back Sheridan Love back to my site. She was a great success with her last porn scene. My visitors really loved her huge boobs. Lots of search engine hit looking for Sheridan Love!

Keiran Lee has always seemed harmless to his hot neighbor Sheridan Love. So when she injures her back gardening she lets him give her a friendly rubdown. Sheridan’s all natural body looks so good covered in oil, it’s not long before Keiran ditches the nice guy act and gives his neighbor the fucking of a lifetime!

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Let’s Welcome The New Student Ella Hughes, Jordi El Niño Polla, Zoe Doll & Shona River

Jordi El Niño Polla is going to ZZ University for the first time. He has a group sex session with 3 hot porn star on his first day. Ella Hughes, Zoe Doll & Shona River all take it in turns to fuck his big cock to make sure he has a first day to remember.

Ella Hughes and Zoe Doll are so excited a guy is joining their class! Their teacher Shona River is excited too, and has the girls practice kissing and licking to make sure the new student is properly welcomed. Jordi El Niño Polla first day at ZZ University is about to go down in history!

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