Ava Adams Naked and Fucked in the Shower

Ava recently moved into her new place, while she was at the shower, Peter her roommate was cooking some steak.

He asked Ava if she would like steak as well, as she didn’t answer Peter went to her room, when he was about to knock on her door.  He realized that the door was not completely closed, Ava was out of the shower, completely naked and applying lotion.

He could not resist spying on her, those huge giant tits were tantalizing, Ava caught Peter spying on her and confronted him. Peter had no more option that confessing, that he never before had a roommate that hot, sexy and with those huge tits.

Ava felt flattered by Peter’s comments and decided to let him touch her tits, then let him suck her tits, and when Peter was hard as a rock, she sucked his cock getting ready to be fucked over her bed.

Peter fucked her really well, they did many different positions until Peter delivered his hot cum all over her face.