Katana Kombat Brazzers HD Videos

Katana Kombat Brazzers HD Videos.  A longtime dance teacher who specializes in salsa. Katana Kombat will have your body moving to her extremely sexy beat. Whether she’s leading you around the dance floor or riding your hard cock! – BRAZZERS.COM

Katana Kombat Brazzers Apologies Accepted

Katana Kombat Brazzers Videos Apology Accepted


Katana finds out that her step daughter, Kristen, has humiliated poor Xander on the school’s campus. Katana takes this opportunity to teach Kristen a lesson in respect and drags her to Xander’s house to apologize.

Kristen is embarrassed and reluctant at first, giving Xander a lackluster apology. Katana is not impressed and demonstrates how to do it properly – by sucking Xanders giant cock!

Kristen is appalled at first, but the longer she watches, the more she wants to taste his cock for herself. What better way to say i’m sorry than offering up your juicy pussy for a hard pounding!

Katana Kombat Brazzers Custodial Cravings

Katana Kombat Brazzers Custodial Cravings


Katana Kombat is once again working late at the office. She’s lonely and horny, so she calls her out of town husband for some kinky phone sex.

Johnny Sins, the office custodian, enters Katana’s office for the usual clean up, not realizing that Katana is masturbating behind her desk. Upon noticing what she’s doing, Johnny attempts to leave, but Katana instructs him to stay and finish the job.

Johnny can’t help but watch the boss getting naughty on the job while he struggles to focus on cleaning her office.

Katana, craving more than just long distance sex, shoves Johnny’s face in her pussy and has her custodian finish another job for her.  Giving her the late night dicking she’s been craving!

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